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August 10-11 2019
Theatre of Consciousness and Maturation by Vikramjeet Sinha

An exploration and experience of the power of the mind through dynamic activities in a group setting using story circles, visual art, metaphors and somatic work to view personal issues in a different light thereby uncovering possibilities to flourish.
September 13-15 2019
Study and Practice of the Lotus Sutra by Aspi Mistry
A study of the concepts elaborated in the Lotus Sutra placing them in the historical background and context of early Buddhist teachings. There will also be a couple of practice sessions, to give us a flavour of the actual chanting and sutra recitation.
September 27-29 2019
As Long as Space Endures…
The Path of the Sad and Gentle Warrior in a Compromised World by Venerable Sumati(Kabir Saxena)

How to live a sane and dignified life in our world by drawing on the wisdom of the Buddhist tradition as well as on insightful and inspirational literature and music from past and present, East and West. An exploration and experience of a little the sadness, compassion and clear seeing that we need to survive and flourish in these days of imbalance, fear, greed and violence.
October 25-26 2019
Vipassana and Qigong by Venerable Dhammadipa
An immersive experience of Vipassana meditation and Qigong that creates complete body awareness as it moves through space.
November 25-29  2019 
Mindful Zen Retreat by Ven. Sudhammacara
Mindfulness in the Zen Buddhist Tradition.  With ample practice sessions, explanations and questions answered.
December 17-23,  2019
Harmony of Emptiness and Dependent Origination : Panacea to Heal Emotional Imbalance – Ven.Geshe Dorji Damdul
Based on the Following two texts – Sutra on Dependent Origination and In Praise of Dependent Origination
1 January  2020
Padmasambhava, Rays of the Sun – Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche –  Seminal teaching on the wisdom aspect of Padmasambhava a.k.a. Guru Rinpoche
January 27-28,  2020
The Four Noble Truths by Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo
The Four Noble Truths are Buddha’s first teachings. They are truths that describe the nature of existence and the path to be liberated from it.
10-11 February  2020 (9am-5pm)
Seven Points on Mind Training by Ven.Geshe Lhakdor Teaching will be conducted at University Women’s Association Hall, Gokhalenagar, Pune
12-13 February  2020
LamRim (Stages of the Path) by Ven.Geshe Lhakdor –The Lamrim is a textual tradition that organizes Shakyamuni Buddha’s teachings into a complete step-by-step path to enlightenment.
22 February-1 March 2020
Mindfulness of Loving Kindness : The Buddha’s Path of Samatha/Vipassana Retreat by   Bhante VimalaramsiLearn your way out of suffering and discover a development chart that will help you guage your own progress. Reclaim your own internal peace and smile.