About Us

Vajradhatu is a meditation retreat center dedicated to the cultivation of Ancient Indian Wisdom, especially that of the Nalanda tradition. It aspires to provide a space where the Indian Mind Traditions are studied and practiced. With ancient wisdom that has stood the test of time as our guide, we want delve into the nature of experience and living.

Great truths about the alleviation of suffering and the ultimate goal and destination of all sentient beings have been preserved in these ancient teachings. Their relevance and effectiveness even today is beyond any doubt. Maintaining the purity of the view of these teachings so that they are not lost or distorted will ensure great benefit and preserve them for future generations to come.

Under the spiritual guidance of H.E.Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche Vajradhatu was built to fulfill this purpose. Its Motivation is the Happiness of all living beings.

Located in the hills of Nigde Budruk Village, Velhe Taluka, about 35 km (1 hour) from Pune city, it stand on 7 acres of land. The presiding deity of Vajradhatu is an 8.11 foot likeness of Guru Nyima Ozer(Guru Rinpoche) on a lotus made in white Rajasthan stone,  the largest of its kind anywhere. It was installed by H.E. Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, more than halfway up the hill.

The retreat facilities include –

  • A 2200 sqft. hall which can seat more than 100 people where programs will be conducted
  • 15 huts that will accommodate 2 residents each
  • A kitchen and dining area which will serve simple vegetarian food