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India has always been the hotspot of exotic philosophy and spiritualism. All over the globe, seekers have realized this. Many brands of spiritual teachings have arisen from our ancient Indian Mind Traditions. The keys to what many seek lie in our myriad unbroken spiritual traditions, some of which have been handed down through unbroken chains of accomplished humans over millennia.

The goal of these traditions has always been enlightenment, for oneself and every sentient being in existence.

Under the spiritual guidance of H.E. Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, Vajradhatu aims to dive into the source of this knowledge that has perennially blessed this great land, mainly Buddhist Philosophy in the Nalanda tradition.

We want to create a place of Study and Practice of these great traditions in their pure and untainted form where seekers will be able to know and follow the path of Dharma.

Thus may all sentient being be liberated from the bonds of samsaric existence.